This is an especially unique way to display large images - even HUGE images, or items where detail is important!  Zoom in, move around - the detail is only limited by the original photograph! Website guests will love it! What makes this technique advantageous? Lets say you have an image that's 15 megabytes in size. Nobody is going to wait for that image to download, plus it would be too huge to even see on a single screen! Of course this technique can be used on ANY size image.  So you have a dilemma: you want a potential customer to see DETAIL, but that kind of detail can require a huge file and be cumbersome to display and move around.  Jewelry, artwork, furniture, fabric and posters are some examples that come to mind.  Here's the solution!

With our zoomable images, a small version of the image is displayed - only 15K or so - that downloads in seconds.  As a person zooms in and moves the mouse around, more detailed images download. How does it work? We slice the image up into numerous smaller images. Those slices get sliced up and so on. We then use a special compression program. These image slices are displayed as needed. This way only the needed sections are downloaded on demand!

Take a look at our samples for a first-hand perspective!

Three Pieces of Jewelry - Extreme Detail
This sample has three individual zoomable images - Two rings and a necklace. If you sell small items such as watches and jewelry, this is the perfect way to showcase your products. Showcase your custom work!
Vintage Brass Belt Buckle - Extreme Detail
Here's a 38 meg image of a collectible brass belt buckle from 1981. It's another example of the detail that this technique can bring out!
Marquette Mountain Ski Resort
Another great way to promote your business! Zoom in and check the detail on the skis!
Centennial Park, Oak Lawn, Illinois
A great way to promote local services or real-estate listings. Zoom in on the houses across the street...
Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago
A HUGE 360 degree image taken on the shore a couple of hundred feet from the ship. Great detail of Chicago!
Columbia Yacht Club, Chicago
A HUGE 180 degree image, taken on the port side of the ship. More zoomable details across the harbor of the skyline.
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Great for friends, guests and promotion. Zoom in on the guests - you can get some great detail.
Outdoor Wedding after the Ceremony
Another view, good for facility. This is a privately owned park that can be rented for events.
Indiana - Breakwall Near U.S.Steel
Images of this nature allow remote "inspection." Potential contractors or buyers can preview the site remotely.
Time Lapse Skier Wiping Out - Marquette
A really unique image!  Just another way you can display detail, or ever offer training tips!
Time Lapse Ski Racer
Great for analyzing your technique or for training.

Oak Lawn, Illinois - Centennial Park

Bridgeview, Illinois Aeration Pool Overlook
A popular wedding photo spot. If you have a banquet hall or large facility, this can really showcase it!
Carpet Samples
Great for a "virtual Showroom." Ideal to show materials, fabrics, carpets, painting textures, etc.!
Downtown Chicago and Lakefront, High Altitude
You can Zoom into individual buildings from a mile up!
Lush Plantings
Need to promote a garden center? Check this out!
Recording Studio Equipment
A great example of EXTREME detail. If you are renting or selling anything that has a lot of detail, or need to show first hand the settings on your equipment, this is perfect! You almost can count the dust particles!
A few years back a Chicago area dive organization sank a derelict ship in Lake Michigan as an artificial reef and dive site. Here are a couple of panoramic views of the Straits of Mackinac.
On Surface   Inside, Boiler Room
Straits of Mackinac, Lake Michigan
Nutrition Label
Practical example for a health food or grocery store or distributor.
Conquistador Wall Plaque
Room Decor Sales Idea. Have a furniture or accessory you want to promote?
Gym Closeup
Really promote your facilities!
Evergreen Bush
Another example of close-up details.
Jagermeister Shot Glass
Check out the detail on the Elk's head. Imagine the possibilities - jewelry sales, collectibles, coins, etc. We made the left side of the image with a greater resolution so you can see the difference when zooming in.
Treasure Coin from 1693
Extreme detail from this 5000 dpi image. Zoomable to the 1/10th of an inch! Another fine example for sellers of jewelry, coins, and collectibles.
Dwarf Amaryllis Extreme Detail
You can see the individual pollen!
Siberian Husky
Have a pet adoption service or sell pet related goods?